Our Story

As a former GibbsCAM and TopSolid reseller, Kurt Freimuth was working in his other company building models of machine tools for use in simulation/verification software.  In March, 2018 a call came from Metalcam in Barcelona, Spain.  They had a suite of CAM software they were very successful with in Europe and Asia.  They had no real presence in North America.

The Metalcam software focused extensively on Wire EDM, an afterthought for most other CAM companies.  They have a close relationship with ZF Charmilles and several other Wire EDM machine makers.  The relationship includes a scaled down version of their 2-axis wire product being shipped with all ZF machines. Founded in 1991, Metalcam has offices in Spain, India and China.  Their description of themselves says:

"..Innovation is our core business.  We look forward to a future when a user just presses a key and Fikus Visualcam would do the  whole job.."

Metalcam was looking for a company to distribute their software in North America.  After a series of web demos, we were impressed with the software.  Supporting all the latest wire advances including Burn and Turn and Spin Burning, Metalcam is clearly on top of the wire EDM business.

We formed Precision CAM software to take on this task.  We are staffing up and have moved to new offices to support this effort.  A user can expect excellent and timely support for any Fikus software they use.  We look forward to serving you!

Next Steps...

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