We are the North American Distributor for Metalcam's Fikus visual cam software.  Metalcam is based in Barcelona, Spain and has a long history selling software in Europe and Asia.  Their ACcameasy software is distributed by ZF Agie Charmilles, Ona and other machine vendors.  We sell and support stand alone versions as well as Solidworks and Space Claim Engineer add-ins.


Wire EDM

Fikus Visual Wire EDM is available either as a stand-alone application or as an add-in for Solidworks or Space Claim Engineer.  The basic application can support 2-axis and 4-axis burning.    To start the process, identify the machine you will use, the part, material, select wire diameter and then Fikus feature recognition will identify features to be wire cut.  If acceptable, run the wizard which will create tool path and suggest entry points. The wizard will also select appropriate technology setting for the cut.  After this simulate the cuts and post process to get G-code for your machine.

Additional modules include "slug management", turn and burn and spinning (spin and burn).  Not all of these and other options are available on all machines, but we support the latest technologies in the Wire EDM world.





Fikus is a complete solution for parts machining. The roughing and contouring of multiple contours and different heights are processes that Fikus can do almost automatically.

Automated drilling processes

All hole making operations are highly efficient with Fikus Visualcam and its drill wizard which automatically recognizes and produces  all the drills.

Multiple process machining templates

Use multiple machining operations, such as roughing, finishing passes, all at once. All toolpaths will be associated to each other as well as the original geometry allowing late modifications. Machining strategies can be stored in a multi-processes template to be applied later in similar parts easily and safety.

Advanced machining options for complex surfaces

Advanced finishing: Finish areas where the preceding tool has not been able to enter, using strategies as zigzag finish, Z constant, constant cusp, spiral or radial penciling (machining of radii where previous tools could not enter) Project curves onto surfaces.

3D machining simulation

When the CNC program is ready, we can simulate all the machining process in realistic 3D, showing the material removal by tool before you send the CNC program to the machine.


Turning & MillTurn

Fikus Visualcam for Lathe 2D offers a flexible and productive solution for programming CNC lathes. It has been specially developed to program automatically or semi-automatically, all the lathe parts machining process including all the technological operations: facing, threading, drilling, and more.


mill turn

Fikus for Millturn and the Driven-tool application offers a flexible and functional solution for today's toolmaker, and it is not dependent on the age or type of the lathe in use. Fikus for lathe and millturn is specifically designed to work fast and efficiently, using a wide range of innovative tools.


Next Steps...

If these products interest you, please contact us to arrange a demonstration or to get additional information.  Email us at or call 513-889-4900.  we are located in Fairfield, OH and are in the Eastern time zone.  Our hours are 8:00 to 5:00.